Goals for Professional Growth & Development

As my progression as an educator remains in its early steps, the goals set are far from specific and precise. Rather, the following goals all reflect general domains in which I would like to develop professionally. These goals intrinsically focus on my professional growth as a teacher, setting standards as to how I structure and present my personal pedagogy within the public sphere of education.


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The first goal focuses on my concrete capabilities as a professional educator. Through my past experiences, I have constructed an initial product of my philosophy of teaching. By engaging in academic discussions and readings, evaluating meaningful texts through a critical lens, and attempting to piece together a sense of identity as an educator, I have developed a statement encompassing the motivations and reasons for which I choose to educate. In this sense, I possess a solid professional philosophical foundation – I know why I do what I do. This is important to realize, as the last thing society needs is another ‘educator’ mindlessly feeding information without realizing the importance of such information. On the other hand, it is also an issue when an educator possesses a solid philosophical basis for his actions, but lacks the concrete experience to realize how this philosophy can be integrated. This is the prime goal conducive to a professional development – I will continue to gain professional experience in order to understand how I can apply my philosophy of teaching concretely.

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Tunger, M. (n.d.). [Professional Development]. Retrieved December 5, 2014, from http://money.howstuffworks.com/business/professional-development/professional-development-for-teachers.htm

The second goal emerges from personal experience during my current field experience. As an educator, it is crucial to make distinctions between a personal and professional image. Educators must maintain a professional relationship with students, keeping a sense of respect within the relationship. As easy to practice this sounds, it is in my experience that keeping up this notion can rather pose difficulties. Personally, this idea was realized through my interactions between a Sec-2 student from James Lyng High – an alternative secondary school within the Montreal school district. Throughout my conversations with him, I often found myself unconsciously using a more casual tone of language as opposed to keeping a professional image. Although taking this casual approach has its merits, it is undoubtedly important to maintain professionalism within school boundaries. Therefore, my second goal is to improve on maintaining a professional image as an educator.

The third goal addresses an aspect especially important in today’s fast-paced societies. As an educator, it is expected that I possess the necessary skills to empower knowledge towards students. Of course, this does not mean that all students will receive information the exact same way – each student will possess individual differences. This aspect must be addressed. In order for myself to professionally develop, I will have to educate and interact within as much variety of children as possible. Through this, not only does my professional experience increase, I am also able to develop a keener sense of how to approach and teach each child. Ultimately, my third and final goal is to work with as much children as possible in order to develop a wider range of professional experience.


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