FE1 Competency 11 Self-Evaluation

COMPETENCY 11 (Professional Identity)To engage in professional development individually and with others.


  • Takes stock of his or her competencies and takes steps to develop them using available resources.
  • Discusses the relevance of his or her pedagogical choices with his or her colleagues.
  • Reflects on his or her practice (reflective analysis) and makes the appropriate adjustments.
  • Spearheads projects to solve teaching problems.
  • Involves peers in research related to the mastery of the competencies targeted in the programs of study and to the educational objectives of the school.


By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to:

  • identify, understand and use available resources (research reports and professional literature, pedagogical networks, professional associations, data banks) related to teaching;
  • identify his or her strengths and limitations, along with his or her personal objectives and the means of achieving them;
  • engage in rigorous reflexive analysis on specific aspects of his or her teaching;
  • Undertake research projects related to specific aspects of his or her teaching.

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?

  • At the end of every class lead by my C.T., I sought out constructive comments from the teacher in hopes of furthering professional development
    • IE// Asking teacher what types of strategies/approaches could be taken in handling students of different learning capabilities/paces
  • Engaged in learning different available learning mechanisms/resources within class
    • IE// Spending spare periods attempting to master Smartboard technology, understanding how to effectively integrate it within classroom context
  • Sought out help from diverse sources of different departments
    • IE// Asking teachers of diverse subject areas (English/Sciences/Phys Ed./Arts) for general tips and pointers in classroom management + general points of emphasis in the teaching profession
  • Engaged in critical self-reflection based upon classroom engagement and observations
    • IE// Use of personal journal to document observations then re-examine observations under critical-eye, attempting to understand rationale for teachers’ actions within classrooms


What is my current level of mastery? 


*Reference: features of the competency and the professional competency rubric.

Name: Simon Son

ID: 260573194

Date: May 10th 2015

Course Name & Number: EDEC-201

PS/FE level (circle one)   1     2     3     4


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