FE1 Competency 2 Self-Evaluation

COMPETENCY 2 (Foundation)To communicate clearly in the language of instruction, both orally and in writing, using correct grammar, in various contexts relating to teaching.


  • Uses appropriate language when speaking to students, parents and peers.
  • Observes rules of grammar and stylistics when writing texts intended for students, parents or peers.
  • Is able to take up a position, support his or her ideas and argue his or her subject matter in a consistent, effective, constructive and respectful way during discussions.
  • Communicates ideas concisely using precise vocabulary and correct syntax.
  • Corrects the mistakes students make when speaking and writing.
  • Constantly strives to improve his or her own oral and written language skills


By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to:

  • Master the rules of oral and written expression so as to be understood by most of the linguistic community;
  • Express himself or herself with the ease, precision, efficiency, and accuracy expected by society of a teaching professional.

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?

  • Proof reading assignment instructions prior to ordering instructions to class (as assigned by C.T.).
  • Explaining rationale for instructions rather than blind instruction.
    • IE// Explaining that for a journal-entry assignment, students must adopt the perspective of an individual when writing due to its personal attribute
  • Rephrasing explanations in different manners.
    • IE// Write out instructions on board for visual learners, orally repeat instructions for aural learners
  • Have students orally repeat instructions to internalize them.
    • By students orally repeating, instructor can also listen to oral instructions from different perspective


What is my current level of mastery? 


*Reference: features of the competency and the professional competency rubric.

Name: Simon Son

ID: 260573194

Date: May 10th 2015

Course Name & Number: EDEC-201

PS/FE level (circle one)   1     2     3     4


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