Field Experience #1 – Action Plan


To contribute to the goal of preparing reflective practitioners, student teachers will write an Action Plan at the end of first, second, and third field experience with input from their cooperating teacher and/or the University supervisor.  The Action Plan synthesizes each field experience’s evaluation, links each field experience to the next, establishes goals for improvement, and forms an agenda for discussion between the student teacher, the cooperating teacher and University supervisor at the beginning of the subsequent field experience.  For First Field Experience only (excluding Physical Education students), the Action Plan will be completed during the co-requisite Professional Seminar course.

Name  Simon Son

B.Ed. Program: Secondary English

Student Number   260573194

Field Experience:   1st    2nd    3rd

I have shown thorough to advanced development in the following Professional Competencies developed during this field experience:

Through my experience gained on the field, I have concretely developed the Professional Competencies 2, 11, and 12. By assisting my C.T. in the instruction of her classes, I have gained a better ability to communicate with the students in terms of both instruction and engagement. This has been strengthened via activities such as taking attendance. Furthermore, by following my C.T. and engaging in teacher meetings/professional development seminars, I have accessed the help of different resources and personnel, thus furthering my development in Competency 11 – engaging in professional development with colleagues. Moreover, by being specifically within the classroom and engaging with students directly, I have attained a better understanding of how to ethically manage a classroom in a responsible manner. By interacting with students one-on-one, my mastery of Competency 12 has greatly increased.

I would like to improve my skills in the following Professional Competencies developed during this field experience:

One Competency that could not be properly developed during Field Experience was Competency 9 – cooperating with parents, partners, and the community of the school. While my authority under my C.T. granted me with a sense of identity within the school, at certain times I would feel embarrassment or awkwardness in randomly approaching students to engage in community projects and extra-curricular activities. Even with my participation in the “Zombie Club,” the extra-curricular experience was only made possible due to it being led by my C.T. In later years, I would like to be more confident in engaging with school projects in a confident manner, so as to engage professionally with individuals such as parents, partners, and the community constructing the educational objectives of the school.

I will make use of the following strategies for improvement:

To properly improve in the mastery of this competency, I will first adopt a more confident attitude in approaching different personnel involved in the school infrastructure. As the initiative to participate can only be started by the self, it is crucial that I gain confidence in interacting with others of the school environment. Furthermore, I will make use of resources and colleagues in researching and broadening horizons to gain a better sense of the various school projects available to help in. By asking around, one’s limited scope of extra-curricular activities may be immensely broadened. Finally, I will attempt to engage with parents when possible, given the yet-limited scope of my capabilities as a student teacher. By interacting with parents, I attain a bond with the school environment that cannot be attained otherwise at all.

Student teacher’s signature:  Simon Son                            Date: May 10th 2015

FE1 Action Plan – Word Doc


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