FE1 Competency 3 Self-Evaluation

COMPETENCY 3 (Teaching Act)To develop teaching/learning situations appropriate to students concerned and subject content with a view to developing the competencies targeted in the programs of study.


  • Bases the selection and content of teaching sequences on data drawn from recent didactical and pedagogical research.
  • Selects and interprets subject-specific knowledge in terms of the aims, competencies and subject content specified in the program of study.
  • Plans teaching and evaluation sequences taking into account the logic of the content to the taught and the development of learning.
  • Takes into account the prerequisites, conceptions, social differences (i.e. gender, ethnic origin, socioeconomic and cultural differences), needs and special interests of the students when developing teaching/learning situations.
  • Selects diverse instructional approaches that are suited to the development of the competencies targeted in the programs of study.
  • Anticipates obstacles to learning posed by the content to be taught.
  • Plans learning situations that provide opportunities to apply competencies in different contexts.


By the end of his or her initial training, the student teacher should be able to:

  • Develop appropriate and varied teaching/learning situations involving a reasonable level of complexity that enable students to progress in the development of their competencies;
  • Build these activities into a long-term plan

How have I developed this competency during this course or professional seminar/field experience?

  • Yet to be completed (Inapplicable for Field Experience 1)


What is my current level of mastery? 


*Reference: features of the competency and the professional competency rubric.

Name: Simon Son

ID: 260573194

Date: May 10th 2015

Course Name & Number: EDEC-201

PS/FE level (circle one)   1     2     3     4


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