Welcome to my online portfolio, here you will be able to follow my tumultuous journey as a professional educator. I am a Korean-Canadian studying in 2nd year for the Secondary English Education program at McGill University. Having received various modes of education from a multitude of countries, an exposure to various perspectives and cultures has allowed me to understand that many people lack qualities that we in modern society take granted so easily for. Through a constant growth in professional education, I wish to empower students to not only to help understand the reality they live in, but also to foster the ability to take autonomous action according to this understanding. A strong believer in student-centered learning, I hope to bring original ideas and inspiriation to provide an interactive, effective education towards students.

This portfolio will keep track of my continous professional development as an educator in today’s society, capturing who I am as a teacher and individual for future employers and colleagues.

Note: This process portfolio is under constant update/revisions.


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